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Pally Performance accessories

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Land ‘n’ Sea is one of the largest suppliers of Marine products. Delivery takes 5 days from the date of order on all instock items.
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View the catalogue for the new for latest marine products and water toys and inflatables!

Inflatable Tubes

We have a collection of inflatable tubes that will provide fun for multiple age groups. We would be glad to help you find a tube that suits your needs.

Water Toys

We have a collection of water toys that will provide hours of fun.

Watersport Tow Ropes

We carry in stock tow ropes in varying sizes and for multiple different uses.

Water Skis, Wake-Boards, Knee Boards

Diving Board

We carry the Lillipad diving board that attaches to a boat.

Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishers, safety ropes, life jackets, horns) etc.

Trailer Accessories

Trailer accessories – boat guides / replacement rollers / ball,hitches / safety chains.

Marine Batteries

We carry a few different sizes of marine batteries.


We have an assorted collections of ladders to fit your boat and needs. They come in stainless steel or plastic.


We carry paddles in various sizes and materials for different uses.

Boat Hooks

Cleaning Supplies

CPC/Captain Phab/303/3M.

Electrical Components

Switches, gauges, ignition switches.

Fuel Tanks and Fittings

We carry fuel tanks and fittings for most motors in various sizes. We have them as assemblies and each part separate. 

Boat Fittings

We have a large assortment collection of cleat, hinges, and stainless steel supplies.

Boat plus thru hull fittings


We carry a variety of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass props on hand.

And Many More….!